Worklife Guidance

Explore the Toolbox for worklife guidance

Worklife Guidance is a two year Erasmus+ strategic partnership project that aims at bringing methods together to identify company‘s skills needs and motivate the competence development of the individual employee. Partners come from Austria, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands and Sweden.

The overall aim of this project is to raise awareness (of managers/employers and employees), that a strategic development of skills and competences should be a part of every-day work-life and that the responsibility is mutual.

The specific aims of the strategic partnership project are:

  • to strengthen the interdisciplinary cooperation in order to decrease skills mismatch on the labour market;
  • to strengthen the competences and confidence of managers and middle-managers in using counselling and coaching methods to map competences and possible skills gaps;
  • to enhance the motivation of employees towards a systematic development of competences to meet organization or sector needs;
  • to increase individuals’ career management skills;
  • to bring down barriers towards the use of competence modelling and measurements/mapping of skills mismatch;
  • to increase efficiency in the use of finances used for development of human resources within organizations.

Project partners will gather information on methods used within career guidance and counseling, validation of prior learning and Human Resource Management and use this triangular approach to make a toolbox for providers of guidance services. When doing so the interest of both parties, the employer as well as the employee, will be taken into concern. This will open up for the opportunity of enabling cooperation between companies and guidance services with the aim of improving the professional skills of the workplace. This will also be an opportunity to gather and share new knowledge and practical experience in work-based learning and even highlight the informal and non-formal learning that goes on within the workplace.

The overall thinking is to highlight the learning that goes on within the workplace and help the parties involved to build up a learning organization and the believe that a strategic competence development is in their common interest.